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Trap Gang, A lifestyle in Which a group of people do whatever it takes to strive success. Trap Gang is a brand by Callme frank February 1, 2018 Get the trap gang mug. More random definitions. Slang for "ghetto slang" (Related Terms) - Urban Thesaurus. scrimps hood shiot g-unit flak barrio heat shubz crookit speak good be like beeshay belee dat trae scanless qaq heita hollows tipu gutta yesterghetto lataz protag amber lamps kanye fumi swear word bettah ghetto ebonics ghettrah spit getto flipapaynyo ghetto colloquialisms curte. Clockwise from top-left (above): vicious dog, nothing to be gained, water and safe campsite, owners will give to get rid of you. The number of travelling workers fell dramatically by the 1950s, as Jack Kerouac, no stranger to the hobo life, noted in Lonesome Traveler (1960): "The American Hobo has a hard time hoboing nowadays due to the increase in police surveillance of highways, railroad. Noun derivatives of these (Danish slænget, Norwegian slenget) mean "a gang, a band," and Liberman compares Old Norse slangi "tramp" and slangr "going astray" (used of sheep). ... John Fielding and the early writers who knew the noun slang used the phrase slang patter, as though that patter were a kind of talk belonging to some territory.".
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